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The Dream Forge

by Anders Blixt, SF author and game designer

Troublesome Times

The last three months have been chockfull with events, both painful and joyful. As a rule I do not touch personal matters in my blog, because it is supposed to deal with my writing projects. Even though I have updated … Continue reading

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 12:38:42 +0000

April 7: Saluting the Officers in Blue

Friday April 7 in the afternoon: a terrorist attack in central Stockholm (link >>> ). A terrorist used a stolen lorry to kill four people and maim many more. The police and rescue services did their duty swiftly, selflessly and … Continue reading

Sun, 09 Apr 2017 16:33:27 +0000

A Diesel-era Biplane Under the Skin

An Avia B-534 fighter under service. A neat look of the mechanics of this Czechoslovak 1930s fighter. Click on the picture for a larger version.Filed under: Dieselpunk, English Tagged: Lemuria

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 19:37:08 +0000

Diesel-era Air War

The ARES skyborne aircraft carrier in the movie War of the Worlds: Goliath. Some jewels among dieselretro aeroplanes. Click on the picture for a larger version. Filed under: Alternate history, Art, Dieselpunk, Science fantasy Tagged: Mars

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 20:00:25 +0000

Roswell Artwork

Roswell, New Mexico, 1947: one of those legends that ought to be true. Click on the picture for a larger version. I could probably use this picture to create a campaign setting for the Swedish RPG Sci-Fi! (link >>>) — … Continue reading

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:51:24 +0000

Dieselpunk Star Wars

This diorama by Satoshi Araki proves the versatility of the Star Wars mythos. Welcome to the dark streets of Gotham City.Filed under: Alternate history, Art, Dieselpunk, English Tagged: Star Wars

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 12:58:10 +0000

The Immense Powers of Ink and Parchment

“And little he knew of the things that ink may do, how it can mark a dead man’s thoughts for the wonder of later years, and tell of happenings that are gone clean away, and be a voice for us … Continue reading

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 18:32:13 +0000

Loren Wiseman in Memoriam

The veteran game designer Loren Wiseman passed away yesterday. He worked for many years at GDW with both board games and role-playing games and after the demise of that company, he produced GURPS Traveller for Steve Jackson Games. His former … Continue reading

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 08:21:25 +0000

The Game Master’s Table

Recently I have rearranged a room in our dwelling, turning it into a combined library & RPG lair. I live in Sweden so its furniture is mainly run-of-the-mill IKEA pieces. But here is a photo of what my RPG table … Continue reading

Tue, 14 Feb 2017 13:25:06 +0000

NASA Joins the Resistance

NASA’s scientists and engineers do not recognize “alternative facts”.Filed under: Art, English, Space exploration Tagged: Star Wars

Mon, 06 Feb 2017 09:22:17 +0000


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