Nuclear War Bonus Pack #2


Nuclear War Bonus Pack #2 (also known as INDIA/PAKISTAN WAR) is the rules for combining our NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME and Mayfair Games' INDIA RAILS. You play India Rails, but whenever you draw a 'load' card, you may draw a special card (provided in the bonus pack) that allows you to draw a Nuclear War card. If you end up with a combination of Nuke War cards that fits (missile and warhead) you can Nuke a city that will delay your opponents.

Included in the bonus pack is an orange china marker so you can mark the radioactive areas on the board (no one can build rails there). For $7 you get the rules, 15 cards, and an orange crayon to mark the 'radioactive' areas of the map, (and an extra set of population cards, which you don't need to play this variant, but you can always use a fresh deck of population cards).


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